August 15th 2023 – A Major Anniversary!

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Today is the 22nd anniversary of the day when I brought my beautiful cat Hermes home to live with me. As such, it is the day that my life changed irrevocably. It is also the 21st anniversary of the day when I moved with him to the house where I now live. Overall then, this is a big day. Hence, it is an ideal day to inaugurate this blog with its first real post!

Since his passing, I have found that the numbers 21 and 22 have had tremendous importance in some of the manifestations that have taken place since then; in time cycles and in other ways. Hence, today they bost manifest simultaneously.

As I write these very words (3:32PM), 22 years ago, I was still in the car with Hermes and my mother, and we would eventually arrive home sometime after 4PM . We were returning from a spiritual seminar that we had attended, which is where we first met Hermes as a kitten. This story will be found in due course in greater detail elsewhere on this website. It was a very hot summer day in Central Italy, and the journey lasted several hours in a car without air conditioning. Happily, the motorway was empty because this was the huge 15th August Ferrogosto holiday in Italy. Otherwise, the outcome could have been tragically different. Indeed, the journey was very hard on Hermes, who had escaped from the cardboard box he had been put into, and spent almost the entire journey in my mother’s lap. When we reached home, all he did was sleep for many hours.

It was exactly one year later to the day that we both moved to this house, just down the hill from the town where I had lived for the prior 2.5 years. This was unplanned and unintended, and as such is typical of the many synchronicities and time cycles that I experienced with Hermes; all of which point to the fact that he is far more than just a random cat, or even really a cat at all for that matter.

The moving took place throughout the day of 15th August 2002, and the last item to be moved from the old flat was Hermes himself. We had lived there amidst everything in boxes for more days than I had expected. The moving company was also a funeral company, and someone had rather inconveniently died on the originally agreed moving date, thereby forcing the company to cancel. Of course, I was annoyed. However, it was that very cancellation that produced the 15th August moving date, precisely one year to the day after Hermes had first arrived. So, this would be maybe the first instance in my experience with Hermes of how events align themselves to a higher symbolic purpose.

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